Scientific Software and Applications

The Scientific Software and Applications (SSA) Division aims to support, build upon, and advance software development efforts across supported research projects, and to use extensive technology and domain science expertise to support external researchers in their use of NCSA cyberinfrastructure resources. Leveraging pre-existing code, communities, and development experience, SSA coordinates a team of research programmers and scientists with backgrounds spanning scientific disciplines, modern day frameworks, architectures, and languages and immerses them within labs/projects both at the University of Illinois as well as nationally/internationally, taking part in R&D efforts and working with scientists and students to advance and sustain modern day scientific research.  SSA staff work across projects spanning agencies such NSF, NIH, NIST, NEH, as well as industry partners on projects ranging in size from small grants to large cyberinfrastructure efforts such as Blue Waters and XSEDE.  Areas of focus of SSA staff include advancing High Performance Computing and other elements of national cyberinfrastructure, as well as solutions for modern Big Data problems spanning digital preservation, curation, and machine learning.

For inquiries regarding potential collaborations, support, and/or service deployments please contact us!

Software Development  Applications Support