Great Lakes Monitoring

We are developing an open-source Web-based Geodashboard and archival service to aggregate, store, and visualize heterogeneous data from a variety of sources to facilitate discovery and retrieval by researchers and stakeholders in the Great Lakes region. The system allows data owners to maintain their own primary archives, and have the Geodashboard index their data, or upload the data directly to the archival service. The system currently provides access to water quality data from EPA, USGS, and NOAA, but new data sources can easily be added.

The system does not make any assumptions about the nature of the data besides requiring each data point to be defined in time and space. The user can explore the data using interactive visualizations (line graphs, box and whisker plots, depth graphs) and dynamic map layers. To enable advanced query capabilities, users can specify an area of interest by drawing polygons on a map or specifying lake or basin boundaries, providing a time interval, or parameters of interest. Data fitting the specific query can be downloaded for further processing outside the system or visualized inside the system.

Version 1: (released)

Version 2: (in development)

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Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (DW92329201)