Repository: https://opensource.ncsa.illinois.edu/stash/scm/dfdl/daffodil.git
Documentation: Web | PDF
Bug Reporting: Jira
License: NCSA Open Source
Status: Active

Daffodil is an implementation of the Data Format Description Language (DFDL, http://www.ogf.org/documents/GFD.174.pdf) allowing for the creation and archival of computer readable file format specifications. Once a DFDL specification is created Daffodil would allow new software to incorporate support for loading and saving content to that file type. In terms of digital preservation DFDL offers a potential means of archiving, in an accessible and reusable manner, the specification needed to read a format so that future data might not suffer the fate of legacy data where the software to load that files contents no longer exists and the data, though in existence, can no longer be interpreted.

Source code is available from our git repository at https://opensource.ncsa.illinois.edu/stash/scm/dfdl/daffodil.git and can be checked out as follows:

git clone https://opensource.ncsa.illinois.edu/stash/scm/dfdl/daffodil.git

If you wish to contribute code to the project please contact kooper@illinois.edu