Scientific & Engineering Applications Support

The Science and Engineering Application Support (SEAS) group provides consulting, technical and advanced application support services to the NCSA Blue Waters project. The group’s mission is to ensure the success of the myriad allocated projects running on Blue Waters and the success of the broader Blue Waters project as a whole. The group comprises domain scientists in such fields as computational chemistry, fluid dynamics (both finite difference and finite element methods), application runtimes, numerical relativity and astrophysics, and general HPC specialists in code parallelization, optimization, tuning, debugging and programming models (MPI, OpenMP, OpenACC, etc). Members of the SEAS group actively promote efficient use of the Blue Waters ecosystem: from data transfer, I/O, workflows, scheduling to overall application performance and scaling. The SEAS group supports NSF-allocated PRAC projects, GLCPC-allocated projects, Illinois-allocated projects and Blue Waters Professors, as well as NCSA Faculty Fellows and NCSA Industry projects.